Our good health depends on how healthy your kidney is functioning, as they filter 120-150 quarts of blood every day. As the kidneys are located against the back muscles in the upper abdominal area, any problem with the kidneys can often be felt in your upper back or flank, or side area.

Functions of a healthy kidney

  • Help maintain the stability of the blood content in the body
  • Support electrolyte levels
  • Prevent accumulation of waste and fluids in the body
  • Produce red blood cells
  • Strengthen bones
  • Control blood pressure

There are many different symptoms that occur during kidney failure and it is important to recognise the early signs, in order to treat the problem on time and hence prevent any further complications.

These are 9 common signs of malfunctioning of the kidneys which can be useful for general knowledge:


Picture Courtesy: Health Line

Healthy kidneys are responsible for producing a hormone ( erythropoietin) which increases the number of red blood cells, which in turn are required for the proper supply of oxygen throughout the body. This red blood count is low, shows up with symptoms such as muscle damage, fatigue, severe anemia, and brain damage.


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When the kidneys do not function properly, it cannot get rid of excess fluids in the body, hence resulting in swelling in the leg, hand, face, ankles, and feet areas.

Skin rashes

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When kidneys are unable to remove waste fluids from the bloodstream, then it can result in dry skin, rashes, and severe itching.

Change in urine color – Pale or Dark urine

Foamy urine

Trouble or pressure during urination

Quantity of urine reduces

Frequent urination

Urge to urinate during the night.

Keep a watch out for these signs and contact a Urologist near you if you notice any of the above.

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