• You must have a balanced diet.
  • Know about fresh foods that have high oxalates.
  • Learn about foods with calcium.
  • Eat more foods with calcium when you eat foods with oxalates.
  • These help prevent kidney stones being produced.
  • Spinach is high on oxalate.
  • Calcium and oxalate bind together to prevent stones from forming.
  • Try to limit cheese with high salt, such as processed and hard cheese, cheddar as well as cheese spreads.
  • Ice cream, yogurt and custard are not good choices as they are high on sugar content.

Facts about Calcium

  • Eat or drink lots of calcium, preferably about 1000 mg of calcium per day.
  • Foods with calcium help keep bones healthy and also lower the risk of kidney stones.
  • Men over the age of 70 should have 1,000 mg and women over 50 to have 1,200 per day. Eat calcium based foods at every meal.
  • One cup cow’s milk has 300 mg calcium.
  • One cup of kefir(99% lactose free) has 300mg.
  • Low-sodium cheese has 150-300 mg.
  • Yogurt has 150-300mg per cup..
  • One cup sour cream has 13 mg calcium.
  • Two tablespoons of Chia seeds have 630 mg.
  • ½ cup of chickpeas have 350gm of calcium
  • One cup Broccoli cooked has 200mg of calcium
  • Kale, raw, one cup has 100 mg
  • One cup of calcium fortified juices have 100 mg
  • Dried apricots have 75mg calcium per cup

Text Credits: https://www.urologyhealth.org/

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