The human kidney is a vital part of the anatomy without its proper functioning would result in kidney diseases that cannot be cured completely. Some kidney problems could provide uncomfortable and serious symptoms such as pain in kidney stones. The kidneys function in filtering the blood, manage red blood cells and also create a balance of electrolytes and certain minerals and proteins. In case the kidneys fail to do any of the above mentioned activities, do not ignore them, and visit the nearest Urology Hospital Bangalore. We shall now discuss a few signs the kidney would give out when there are problems. If the kidneys go into a chronic stage, the damage could sometimes be irreversible or a lifetime dialysis or kidney transplant. There are two common methods to identify kidney problems.


#  Analyzing Physical Parameters


The doctors use this process by examining the patient and asking some specific questions, thereby ruling out other diseases and excluding kidney disease. You can understand the symptoms more from experts at our Urology Hospital Bangalore.

  • # Urge to Urinate Frequently : When a person has the urge to urinate frequently during the night, it is a sure sign of a kidney problem. This happens when the kidneys are not able to flush out all the waste toxins at once, indicating that there is a kidney problem.
  • # Foamy Urine : A healthy kidney would not put out foamy urine as very little quantity of protein is given out. Therefore, foamy urine indicates high protein content resulting in kidney problems.

  • Feeling Cold : When the kidney does not function  properly, it affects the capacity of the blood in controlling the body temperature. Hence, such a person would feel cold when all others are comfortable.
  • Tiredness : The function of the kidney is to filter all the toxins from the blood and ensure purified blood to flow through the body. When there is a kidney problem, these toxins get accumulated in the kidney making the person feel tired and lack energy.
  • #  Swelling : A healthy kidney is responsible to balance electrolytes in the body. When these electrolytes get imbalanced, it is a sign of kidney problem. Water retention causes swelling below the eyes, ankles and foot.
  • #  Pain and Burning Sensation : There could be pain and burning sensation during urination, which explains that there is an infection in the urinary tract, which could further lead to kidney stones. Early diagnosis would help to get relief from pain, the Urology Hospital Bangalore being a good option.
  • # Severe Pain : If a person has severe pain on the back or side, it is a sure concern of kidney stones. There could also be some blood in urine giving a sign of kidney stones.
  • # Feeling Dizzy or Faint : The under performance of the kidney could be a direct impact on the capacity of blood to carry oxygen. Hence, reduced oxygen could lead to dizziness or fainting.
  • # Itchiness : When the kidneys are not functioning properly, toxins get accumulated in the body, leading to an imbalance of minerals in the body. This mineral imbalance in the body could make the skin dry and itchy along with being tired.
  • # Muscle Cramps : The muscles in the body contract using electrolytes such as calcium. When these electrolytes become imbalanced due to low kidney function, muscle cramps are felt.

Note: The various signs of signs that can be experienced with kidney problems could vary from person to person. Sometimes, the kidney could perform well in spite of having any of the above mentioned signs. These signs can occur at a later stage, hence one must not ignore even the slightest signs of kidney problems, as it could become irreversible and damage the kidneys permanently. Therefore, it is definitely important to visit an experienced urologist, who could diagnose the problem. The Rescue Urology Hospital Bangalore would help you get the best treatment and enjoy a pain free life.