Let us learn all about our bladder and how to keep our bladder healthy. Before we go on to learn about how to care for our bladder, we shall understand all facts connected to our bladder. 

Some common bladder facts are as follows:

Bladder Facts

  • The bladder is a balloon shaped organ which is hollow and is made of muscle tissue.
  • A healthy bladder has the capacity to hold about two cups of urine before it can be emptied.
  • The bladder looks like a deflated balloon when it is emptied of all the urine, while the shape changes once it is filled with urine.
  • The urine that is produced in the kidneys flows through the tubes known as ureters into the bladder.
  • The normal number of times the bladder is emptied in a day is about 4 times with a maximum of 2 times at night.
  • Since women have shorter urethra when compared to men, they have a higher risk of getting a bladder infection as the bacteria from outside the body can get into the urinary system easily.
  • The muscles present in the bladder helt in squeezing out the urine stored in the bladder.

Tips to keep your bladder healthy

  • Drink plenty of water, at least 6 to 8 cups of water each day.
  • Drinks like caffeine and alcohol upset the bladder, therefore cut down on their intake. Also limit tea, coffee and colas as they have the tendency to heighten the bladder activity which can further lead to urine leakage.
  • Try to empty your bladder when you visit the toilet, as by not doing so you could develop an infection.
  • Some foods such as chocolate, spicy or acidic like tomatoes and citrus fruits can bother your bladder or worsen incontinences, thus avoiding them is the best.
  • Regularly practice pelvic floor muscle exercises to keep your muscles strong.
  • Quit smoking as usage of tobacco has been a major cause of bladder cancer.


Text Credits : Urology Care Foundation