When there is a blockage that prevents the flow of urine, a kidney stone stent is inserted into the ureter in order to allow the free flow of urine. The kidney stone stent is a small  flexible tube about 10 inches long which is used in the treatment of kidney stones. Since it is used to treat kidney stones which is sometimes defined by narrowing of the ureter, inflammation, swelling or damage in the ureteral tubes, the kidney stone stent is used to heal the problem and help in easy draining of urine.

There are a few symptoms one must know when a stent would be inserted for relief from pain are – Burning during urination (dysuria), traces of blood in urine, urgency and frequency increases, and muscle cramps are common.

Other uncommon symptoms when you have a stent are – dark and foul smelling urine, urine retention, clots in urine that are painful, persisting pain even after medications and fever over 101.8 degrees.

The kidney stone stent will remain in the ureter for so long as the urologist decides to let it be, a procedure of ureteroscopy might need 2 to 3 days, while lithotripsy would need 7 to 14 days.

Normal physical activity may be continued with the kidney stone stent, although no rigorous exercises are permitted, not to raise hands above the level of your head as these if not followed may lead to bleeding or irritation in the bladder.

A short term kidney stone stent would be removed if a string is used to hang outside the body by a nurse practitioner in a clinic, while long term stents would need a minor procedure done at a clinic with the help of a cystoscope. A prior x-ray is taken to make sure there are no more stones left inside. In cases where there are larger fragments of stones present, other procedures are considered and until then the stent remains there.

Practically, a kidney stone stent helps to pass the stones that are present in the kidney. When the stent is in, it is important to have bowel movement regularly or else stool softeners or mild laxatives are to be used.

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