Game Plan for Prostate Cancer that Hasn’t Spread

There are a few methods to treat prostate cancer that would be chosen by your healthcare provider. We shall discuss the various procedures involved in them.


Since most prostate cancers are not life threatening, your doctor can schedule regular PSA and imaging tests to keep track of the results. This method is known as “Active Surveillance”. This procedure is followed for patients who have no symptoms, slow growing cancers or older men who do not have any serious health issues.

Since no much treatment is involved, urologists use the word “watchful waiting”, there is just monitoring that is involved.

Localized Therapy

#  Radical Prostatectomy- This procedure involves the removal of the prostate and nearby vesicles, tissues and lymph node. The only benefit here is that the cancer is removed along with the prostate. The most popular method used to perform a radical prostatectomy is the laparoscopic surgery, with the help of a robot by making several incisions in order to reach the area of the prostate through a larger incision in the lower abdomen.

Radiation Therapy- This is an alternative procedure to surgery, to kill the cancer cells. Sometimes radiation can be given after surgery if cancer remains or returns.Internal radiation known as brachytherapy, which uses small radioactive seeds placed inside the prostate. On the other hand, an external beam uses targeted photon rays from outside the body to treat the prostate.

Cryotherapy– is a method where the prostate tissue is freezed to kill the cancer cells, cold gas is given through small needles that are placed into the prostate. This helps freeze the tumor cells and the nearby tissues. Repeated and thawing cyclekills cancer cells.

High-intensity focussed – Ultrasound(HIFU) and Focal therapy are under process to treat cancer cells with lesser side effects.

Systemic Therapy

#  Hormone Therapy-  Drugs or surgery is made use of to lower or block testosterone and other male sex hormones, which in turn stops or slows down the growth and spread of prostate cancer,

#  Oral Drugs-  These can prevent or slow the growth of cancer cells if hormone therapy does not work.

#  Chemotherapy-  This is a method where powerful drugs are used to destroy cancer cells.

#  Immunotherapy-   A method of stimulating the body’s immune system, that can attack the cancer cells.It actually works as a vaccine.

Note: It is necessary for you to get a detailed knowledge of each of the above procedures along with their side effects.

Know about your insurance coverage and other steps you may need to follow.

Talk to other prostate cancer survivors to get the necessary confidence.

All these could help you go through the procedure as well as deal with the effects.

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