After Treatment of Prostate Cancer – Incontinence

It is a commonly expected issue in most men who have gone through prostate cancer treatment- yes, that is incontinence which means one cannot control the flow of urine, there might be slight leakage of urine. These issues could be the cause of delay in the process of healing. Nevertheless, the condition of incontinence can be solved in course of time. Let us now understand the different kinds of incontinence, as well as a game plan to treat it.

Kinds of Incontinence

#  Stress Incontinence(SUI) – The leakage of urine happens when you are coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising. This happens because the muscles or valves of the bladder would have become weak.

Overactive Bladder(OAB) – Also known as urge incontinence when there is a sudden need to urinate and frequently too. OAB can happen even when the bladder is not totally full.

Mixed Incontinence –  This is a combination of the above two types with symptoms from both OAB and SUI.

Incontinence Lasts for How Long 

After a surgery or a course of radiation, incontinence could be prevalent for several weeks, or sometimes several months until normalcy returns. Since this condition varies with every patient, it is best to talk to your surgeon about your particular condition.

Game Plan to treat incontinence

#  As much as you may feel uncomfortable with the condition of incontinence, it is a treatable condition.

#  About 90% men do regain bladder control after treatment for prostate cancer.

#  Kegel exercises would be advised by your urologist to get over the issue of incontinence.

#  Kegel exercises help strengthen your pelvic muscles as well as bladder control muscles.

#  There could be a change of diet, drink or drugs that can help you recover faster.

#  Sometimes collagen would be injected in order to tighten the bladder sphincter.

#  As a last resort a surgery is performed to implant a small urethral sling to tighten the bladder neck.

#  All the above can be achieved by sincerely talking to your urologist about your condition.

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