#  Pathologist –  A doctor who identifies the diseases by studying cells and tissues under a microscope, does the diagnosis along with tests before advising the right treatment for the issue.

#  Pelvic floor rehabilitation –  Physical therapy that helps regain bladder control in cases of OAB.

#  Pelvis – The lower part of the abdomen, between the hip bones.

#  Penis – The male organ used for urination and sex.

#  Prostate – A walnut shaped gland below the bladder that surrounds the urethra, and helps in making fluid for semen. The prostate is present only in men.

#  Prostatitis – Inflammation or infection of the prostate. Chronic prostatitis is when there is repeated inflammation of the prostate. 

#  Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) –  A protein made only by the prostate. High levels of PSA in the blood is a sign of cancer or other prostate issues.

#  Radiation therapy – Radiation is used to treat prostate cancer, two options include brachytherapy (small radioactive seeds implanted in the prostate), and external beam radiation (rays targeted at the tumor from outside of the body)

#  Radiopharmaceuticals –  Drugs with radioactivity that can target radiation to exact areas where cancer cells are growing in the bones.

#  Radical prostatectomy – Surgery to remove the entire prostate and cancerous tissues, Urethrawhich includes two approaches : retropubic and perineal.

#  Rectum –  The lower part of the bowel ending in the anal opening.

#  Recurrence –  The return of cancer after treatment in the same area or another part of the body.

#  Semen –  The fluid that energizes and protects the sperm, also known as seminal fluid.

#  Sex therapist or counselor –  A counselor who helps men and couples maintain and improve sexual intimacy.

#  Sperm –  These are male reproductive cells that are made in the testicles, which can fertilize a female partner’s egg.

Tissue –  Group of cells performing the same function.

#  Tumor –  An abnormal mass of tissue or growth of cells.

#  Ultrasound –  The use of high-frequency sound waves to create real-time images to look at many organs.

#  Urethra –  A narrow tube through which urine leaves the body. In males semen travels through this tube during ejaculation. This tube extends from the bladder to the tip of the penis.

#  Urinalysis –  Urine test that can assess general health of the body.

#  Urinary tract –  Includes the organs that make and void urine, ie kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.

#  Urine –  Liquid waste filtered from the blood by the kidneys, stored in the bladder and removed from the body through the urethra by the act of urination.

#  Urologist –  A doctor who specializes in problems of the urinary tract and male sex organs.

#  Watchful waiting –  Looking for signs of prostate cancer without active surveillance with the knowledge that treatment may happen in the future.

Text Credits: UrologyHealth.org

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