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There could be sexual problems after prostate cancer treatment, erectile dysfunction being the most common one, although it is treatable.

Causes of erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment

#  The prostate gland is surrounded by a bundle of nerves that control the blood flow to the     penis that help in getting an erection. But the surgeries or the radiations involved in the treatment of prostate cancer could harm these nerves thus causing erectile dysfunction.

#  Doctors do try their best to save these nerves from destruction, but when damaged the brain  no more has the capacity to send signals to the penis for an erection.

#  The flow of blood is reduced to the penis resulting in no erection.

#  Men who undergo hormone therapy may also notice some changes in sex drive(libodo)

The time duration ED can last after prostate cancer treatment

#   ED is not the same for all men, hence it cannot be specified.

#  Recovery from ED will depend on the type of prostate treatment taken, and also if there was an ED problem even before the treatment.

#  Your doctor can offer you a varied choice of treatment for ED if there are any chances of recovery.

Game plan to treat erectile problems.

#  The problems of ED can be solved by talking to your partner first, next to your doctor.

#  Moderate exercises are advised once the wound after treatment has healed, so that you maintain a healthy weight.

#  Some oral drugs are recommended in order to increase the blood flow to the penis, thus helping ED.

#  A vacuum pump device is used to create an erection, sometimes injections also increase the flow of blood .

#  Some men even go in for implants which are semi-rigid into the penis through a surgery, in order to get the desired erection.

#  The doctor gives you all the possible options, and it is your choice to choose from them.

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