Advanced Prostate Cancer

Once you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and you have even started the treatment for it, you have to be aware to know whether the cancer is still spreading or not. For this regular tests of PSA  need to be taken along with consulting your doctor. Even a slight rise in the PSA after treatment concludes that there are changes in the body. There could be some tests and scans that may have to be done to find out whether the cancer has advanced and also get treated for it.

Game Plan to treat advanced prostate cancer

If your prostate cancer has reached an advanced stage, it is better to manage it at an early stage itself as there are different ways to get relief.

#  First of all, remember to always follow up with your doctor about your condition.

#  Chemotherapy can kill cancer cells, while immunotherapy helps boost the immune system, new agents that block male hormone, radiation therapy, bone targeted therapy may help get good results.

# You along with your doctor can get the best results.

Working as a Team

# Controlling symptoms that actually bother you will be the primary goal of the healthcare team.

# At any stage of prostate cancer, it is important to be in constant communication with your healthcare team.

# It is best to have good knowledge of your treatment, its pros and cons as it will help you take the right decisions at the right time.

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