Know about Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Urology is a sub-specialty in surgery that deals with urology problems in children and the treatment of congenital and disorders of the genitourinary tract in infants, children, and adolescents. Fetuses that have urologic abnormalities in ultrasound and prepubescent females with genital issues are also taken care of by pediatric urologists.

UTI is the most common health issue seen by pediatric urologists which has a higher occurrence in girls than in boys.

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The urology problem in children includes a wide range of issues:

Bedwetting: A common problem with children. More common in boys than girls. Daytime wetting may also happen in some young children. These activities could be a sign of UTI or any other condition related to the urinary tract.

Undescended testicles: A testicle that hasn’t moved into its proper position in the bag of skin hanging below the penis (scrotum) before birth is called an undescended testicle. Half of these testicles will drop on their own during the first three months of life. About 1 or 2 out of 100 boys with undescended testicles need care.

Hernia: Hernias can occur at any age but are most common in newborns but may not be noticeable for several weeks or months after birth. A hernia occurs when a section of the intestine protrudes through a weak spot in the stomach muscle. In children, a hernia often occurs around the groin area or the belly button.

Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR): Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) is when the flow of urine goes the wrong way. This is more common among infants and young children. VUR occurs in about 10 percent of healthy children and almost three-quarters of children treated for VUR are girls.

Prenatal Hydronephrosis: Prenatal Hydronephrosis is the swelling of a kidney in a fetus or infant caused by a buildup of urine in the kidney due to poor flow or blockage This is the most common health issue found in ultrasounds during pregnancy.

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Types of treatments for urology problems in children:

Laparoscopic Urological Surgery: Laparoscopic Urological Surgery or minimally invasive urological surgery is a type of surgery to fix all kinds of urological issues which cause less pain to the patient. By performing procedures through small keyhole incisions, or through a single port, the surgery as wells as recovery takes lesser time.

Pediatric Endoscopy: Endoscopic procedures in children and newborns have been highly beneficial in achieving favorable outcomes over the years. A biopsy where a small amount of tissue is taken from the lining of the digestive system is done.

Ureteral Reimplantation: To repair the tubes that connect the bladder to the kidneys, ureteral reimplantation is carried out. The surgery changes the position of the tubes to a point where they connect the bladder to stop urine from backing up into the kidneys.

Lower Urinary Tract Reconstruction: Because of conditions like neurogenic disease, urethral strictures or stenosis, or spinal cord injury, patients suffer severe bladder dysfunction and may need urinary tract reconstruction.

PU valve Fulguration: PU Valve Fulguration is a dysfunction of the urethra that happens when the urethral valves have a narrow, slit-like opening because of which partially urine flow is hindered. PUV is very common among children.

Mostly, PUV is diagnosed by ultrasound during pregnancy. Children who are diagnosed later often have an advanced stage of UTI, that requires proper evaluation by a doctor.

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With a clear diagnosis, you can work with your child’s healthcare provider on a helpful treatment plan. It is very important to talk with your healthcare provider if your child is having problems. There is hope, and there are many long-term solutions.