There is so much advertising about the wellness of plant-based foods being superfoods, numerous health benefits. The users of these plant-based foods has increased multifold with many dieticians advising the usage of these products. But yet people on dialysis have wondered whether such plant-based foods do benefit them too. Let us explore the best ways people on dialysis can benefit by eating plant-based foods. The nephrologists in Bangalore are the best advisors on this food intake for their dialysis patients.

A patient on dialysis is advised a special diet when it comes to food and fluids intake, specially the right quantity as this differs from one person to another. There are certain nutrients that people on dialysis should consume in the correct amount, and the right quantity of fluids too.

Plant-based proteins are known to be rich in phosphorus, an important nutrient the levels of which need to be monitored for better results during dialysis. These plant-based proteins are available in good quantities in legumes, meat alternatives and high protein vegetables. It is a known fact that healthy kidneys have the quality to filter out excess phosphorus when taken in, but the patients undergoing dialysis cannot manage higher levels of phosphorus as it can lead to fatigue, joint pain and heart disease. Therefore it is important that the neurologist suggests the right intake of plant-based food for his patients during dialysis. We shall now discuss some tips that could be helpful when you eat plant-based foods during dialysis and also maintain healthy levels of phosphorus too.

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  • Phosphorus Binders: Nephrologists in Bangalore usually prescribe phosphorus binders to their patients on dialysis as these binders grab onto phosphorus released from the food in your stomach, so that it does not get absorbed into your bloodstream. Thus, ensure that you do take these phosphorus binders without fail.
  • Avoid packaged/processed foods: Packaged foods are added with a chemical form of phosphorus so as to keep it well preserved and also add flavor to them. Now this type of phosphorus is absorbed into the blood in high amounts, therefore you should read the nutrient content on the package before consuming it. The word “PHOS” if too large, be sure not to consume such packaged foods.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables: When we talk about eating fruits and vegetables, you must know that only 10-40% of phosphorus from plant-based foods is actually absorbed into the blood. So now you can have fruits and vegetables in good quantities, just remember they have to be fresh. THere is no need for worry as these results have been tried and tested by nephrologists in Bangalore on their dialysis patients.Most doctors advise the intake of more fruits and vegetables for a speedy and a healthy recovery from dialysis processes. You must check with your dietician too to be sure about the quantity of fruits and vegetables as well as fluids you are consuming, and they are within the needs of your body type. Visit a nephrologist in Bangalore for any consultation for kidney disease, while you enjoy plant-based vegan and vegetarian dishes.