Herbal methods of eliminating kidney stones are effective if the stone/s formed in the kidney are not too large, they can be easily broken down and finally flushed out of the body painlessly, hence cleansing the urinary tract and freeing it from any blockage. These methods also help in preventing formation of bacteria as well as urinary tract infections after the passage of the stone. In the long run, these herbal medicines also prevent future stone formation and help keep kidney functioning in normal condition.

Increase your intake of liquids to start with, as this will help flush out toxins and also help move stones out of the urinary tract if they are small ones. Discuss with your doctor before you start any of the following methods as he could be the best judge regarding your health. A word of caution, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not be trying any one of these fluid intake without consulting your doctor as there could be side effects which you may not be able to handle. 

Increase your intake of water– One must have at least 12 glasses of water each day, therefore it is better to keep a bottle of water always with you. Do continue to do the same even after you are freed of kidney stones as dehydration is one big cause of kidney stone formation. Watch the color of the urine as yellow urine indicates you are not hydrated enough. 

Citrate filled Lemon Juice– A glass or two of lemon juice would be the best choice as lemons contain citrate that has the ability to break small stones as well as prevent calcium stone formation in the kidney.

The humble Basil Juice– Basil is known for its pain relieving properties, and the acetic acid present in basil helps in breaking down kidney stones. From times immemorial, basil has been used as a remedy for digestive disorders as well as treat inflammation too. Do make a basil tea with fresh leaves or you can add them when you make smoothies too.

Apple cider vinegar– The acetic acid present in this helps dissolve kidney stones and flush them out of the kidneys. Apple cider vinegar also helps in reducing pain and also reduces the formation of kidney stones.

Delicious pomegranate juice–  The juice of a pomegranate has been used since ages for the benefit of healthy kidneys. The juice prevents the formation of kidney stones by reducing the acidity levels of urine. You can have pomegranate juice in plenty throughout the day.

Kidney bean broth– As the name goes for kidney beans, the broth left over after cooking them is very effective in dissolving and flushing out kidney stones. You can have the broth all through the day for a healthy kidney.

Other home remedies include drinking asafetida, rock salt and urad daal water, eating barley flour, oatmeal, radish,  pumpkin seeds, milk, curd and buttermilk. Some natural medicinal plants have been identified for the treatment of kidney stones, but enough research has not gone into these, nevertheless a list of such plants would be mentioned here. They are Alhagi maurorum, Tribulus terrestris, and Nigella sativa, the plant parts used were the leaf, fruit and aerial parts for preparation of the decoction. It is reported that increased dietary protein intake could increase the risk of developing kidney stones.

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