Kidney stones are formed when certain substances in urine such as calcium, and oxalate become highly concentrated, and also in people who have a family history of kidney stones.

A change in your existing diet could help you in avoiding and recurrence of kidney stones. Some important tips are listed below to guide you with the same.

Stay Well Hydrated — A well-known fact for good health has always been drinking enough water, or any other fluid which will prevent the formation of kidney stones. Doctors recommend a minimum of 10 to 12 glasses of fluid per day for a healthy kidney.

Eat Less Animal Protein — Eating animal protein in excess leads to the development of kidney stones. Hence limit your intake of animal protein to about six to eight ounces of beef, poultry, pork or fish per day. Instead, eating more fruits and vegetables can help prevent kidney stones from returning.

Limit Salt Intake– Excess of salt intake increases the presence of sodium in your urine. Hence it is best to avoid snacks, processed foods or canned foods. Your daily dose of salt per day should be less than 2,000 mg.

Get Enough Dietary Calcium — It is important to know that calcium supplements actually increase the risk of kidney stones, although calcium is an essential need to support your bones. Hence only specific conditions such as osteoporosis or osteopenia need calcium supplements. The daily intake of two to three servings of dairy or calcium-rich foods per day would definitely give you the right amount of calcium your body needs. 

Eat Fewer Foods with High Oxalate Content — In order to treat kidney stones containing calcium oxalate, one must remember to limit foods that contain high contents of calcium oxalate. Foods like beet, black pepper, tea, chocolate, nuts, potatoes, rhubarb, soy products and spinach need to be avoided.


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