A kidney stone is a hard mass of minerals and salts that forms in the kidneys. There are certain foods and drinks that contain chemicals that lead to these painful crystals. If you have had kidney stones, it is advisable to stay away from too many salty foods and meats and other animal
protein. Do remember to drink lots of water to help dilute the waste in the urine.


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The more frequently found kidney stones type are Calcium Oxalate Stones. They are formed when calcium in your urine combines with oxalate, a chemical that is naturally found in Spinach. While you eat this, if you eat or
drink calcium-rich foods at the same time, they can help your body handle oxalate without turning it into kidney stones. So it’s advisable to pair spinach salad with low-fat cheese or yoghurt.

Almonds and Cashews

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Almonds and Cashews are also food items that are rich in oxalate and if eaten in excess without calcium to neutralise it, they can lead to Calcium Oxalate Stones in your kidney. You can pair this with nuts or berries.


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Yes, you read that right!! Eating salt in excess increases sodium that raises the amount of calcium in the urine, because extra oxalate sticks to calcium in the kidneys, hence producing stones. Everything in moderation!!

Too Many Eggs

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Eating too many eggs or consuming too much animal protein, such as red meat, poultry and seafood, boosts the level of uric acid and could lead to Uric Acid Stones in kidneys. A high-protein diet also reduces levels of citrate, the chemical in urine that helps prevent stones from forming. You can choose to occasionally replace meat and eggs with beans, dried peas, lentils and peanuts.


No, we’re not asking you to give up on chocolates, but make sure to not overdo it. Just enough to please your taste buds, but not so much that there’s excess oxalate in your urine and you end up with kidney stones!! Honorable mentions of other everyday food items that can cause kidney stones!!

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