When a person has an enlarged prostate, he has to choose his food very cautiously as some foods known to be good have a bad effect on the prostate. Some common foods to avoid are as follows:

1. Red Meat

Researchers say that everyday intake of meat is very bad for prostate health. It can increase the risk of prostate enlargement threefold. Hence going meat-free is suggested for people who already have an enlarged prostate.

2. Dairy

Consumption of dairy products regularly has been linked to an increased risk of BPH, hence avoid butter, cheese, and milk to help reduce the levels of BPH.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine acts as a diuretic by increasing the times you relieve urine. Hence cutting on your intake of these such as coffee, tea, soda, chocolate could improve the symptoms of BPH.

4. Alcohol

It is a well-known fact that alcohol can activate the kidneys to produce more urine, hence one should give up on alcohol to have good prostate health.

5. Sodium

High salt foods can increase the symptoms associated with BPH (enlarged Prostate), hence low-sodium foods without adding extra salt and avoiding processed foods are beneficial to men.

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