There are some urologic conditions that require immediate attention from a urologist before it turns traumatic.

# Acute Urinary Retention – There is a condition that occurs in some people when they feel a sudden inability to urinate thus causing extreme pain. The patient may need immediate care from a urologist in Bangalore. The cause for urinary retention could be an obstruction in the bladder or the urethra or disruption in the signals between the nervous system and the bladder. These could be a result of prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, urethral stricture, bladder stones, blood clots, urinary tract infections, contraction of bladder neck due to medicines, nerve damage, or neurogenic bladder. Extreme pain occurs in the lower abdominal area if not treated immediately could lead to bladder damage or kidney failure. This condition requires emergency catheterization to drain out the urine, then followed by tests to rule out other conditions.

#  Testicular Torsion:  If there is excruciating pain in the scrotum or lower abdomen, blood in semen, swelling or lump in the testicle or redness in the scrotum could be signs of testicular torsion. This condition actually cuts off the blood supply to the testicles due to twisted testicles. This needs emergency treatment by a well-known urologist in Bangalore. 

#  Priapism: If pain persists in the penile area after erection and stays for over four days, it is because of blood not being able to drain out of the penis after erection. Immediate treatment would be needed, failing which it could lead to scarring and permanent inability to get an erection. Sometimes priapism could result after some diseases like sickle cell disease or leukemia, or some medications given for erectile dysfunction. Treatment is to drain out the trapped blood with the help of a needle which can be done by an experienced urologist in Bangalore.

#  Paraphimosis: This is a condition in which males who have undergone circumcision in the wrong way or have not gotten it done could develop inflammation in the foreskin covering the penis. This could either result due to an infection or poor hygiene, the foreskin could retract trapping some blood flow thus causing swelling. This needs immediate intervention, lest there could be issue death leading to gangrene. The treatment requires the reduction of swelling and correcting the foreskin area. Do meet a urologist in Bangalore to get a solution for the inflammation.

# Fournier’s Gangrene: This is a fast-growing infection of the genitalia and can be a fatal condition if not treated as an emergency case. Fournier.s gangrene is usually caused by various types of organisms and is related to diabetics. There is extreme pain in the areas of the penis, scrotum, or perineum along with redness and tissue death. Some other symptoms being fever, chills, and genital discomfort. Treatment requires a surgical procedure by an experienced urologist in Bangalore, where the infected and dead tissues are removed followed by a strong course of antibiotics.