Kidney stones have been there since times immemorial, and a cure for them has also existed, We shall here evaluate the right fluids that can help in removing kidney stones along with the right quantity. Well, it is a known fact that urine becomes saturated when kidneys are allowed to conserve water, and instead if extra water is provided to the kidneys they dilute the urine while eliminating the excess water. Hence, more fluids can help protect kidneys against stones, even though that could be frequent visits to the washroom. Thus it is important to get the right fluid in the right quantity to be prescribed to help kidneys release stones. One can regulate your own urine volume by the quantity of liquids you drink.

Some studies have said that the use of diuretics and high volume fluid therapy did not work too well for people with acute ureteric colic, although it did facilitate the passage of kidney stones in course of time.

Alpha-blockers tend to decrease intra-ureteral pressure, thus increasing fluid passage which might increase the expulsion of  stone, inturn also reduce complications. Hence this method of usage of alpha-blockers has been used to expel ureteral stones.

A course of intravenous fluids and pain medicine can treat dehydration, although large stones may not pass on their own. Hydrotherapy is found useful in the expulsion of ureteric stones, also decreases urinary tract infection and edema.

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