The condition of Erectile Dysfunction usually affects older men, though a 2013 study came out with the fact in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that it affects 26 per cent of adult men under 40. Prescriptions of Viagra and other Erectile Dysfunction drugs was seen to have risen from 2004 to 2014 by about 1.7 million, as a result, the number of Erectile Dysfunction sufferers increased marginally.

The causes for Erectile Dysfunction could be plenty, a poor libido is one of the rare cases. Some common physical triggers being high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormone imbalances, and some psychological factors being anxiety, depression and relationship problems.

In case you feel that Erectile Dysfunction has struck you, check out the following signs, and meet a doctor at the earliest:

Poor quality intercourse

Although you may get an erection during sexual intercourse, if it is consistently too soft or too brief for sex, then you may still have erectile dysfunction.

No sex with your partner


If you are unable to get an erection while having sex with your partner, but you do get it by masturbating solo, it is a sign of erectile dysfunction. It could be a reason for stress.

Night-time activity

There could be an experience of many erections during the night, which may lead to ED. Many studies recommend a ‘postal stamp test’ to rule out the nocturnal activity. A ring of stamps are attached to the penis at night, if the ring is broken by morning, it indicates penis function during the night, which is a result of psychological-related erectile dysfunction.

Over-usage of viagra

The excessive usage of viagra to increase performance may end up with erectile dysfunction. It should be known that excessive masturbation or watching porn may not cause Erectile Dysfunction. Continuous usage can create dependency issues and thus increase the risk of psychological related Erectile Dysfunction.


Men with diabetes often suffer from other chronic health problems, hence increasing the risk of having erectile dysfunction, though there could be a dozen other health conditions. It is also known that
diabetes patients experience problems 10 to 15 years earlier than normal people with an increase in the likelihood of suffering from Erectile Dysfunction in old age.

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