When it comes to the health of your urinary system, any clinical health concerning the kidneys or any organs that are related to it causes neurotrauma. Neurotrauma could be of different types, namely : 

Renal Trauma – It has been found that clinical diagnostics imaging with intravenous(IV) contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) in stable blunt trauma patients with gross hematuria and systolic blood pressure less than 90mHG. This condition requires immediate and accurate detection before getting a CT done. Take an appointment with a urologist in Bangalore. 

Ureteral Trauma – Traumatic injuries to the uterus are rare around 1%, occur during gynecologic, urologic, or colorectal surgery. Usually, these ureteral injuries occur outside the operating room. There could be penetrating trauma which can be treated by placing a ureteral stent or surgical repair.

Bladder Trauma – This occurs in about 1.6% of abdominal trauma patients. The bladder is protected by the pelvis, hence fractures occur in the pelvis, resulting in bladder rupture, inside or outside, commonly known as intraperitoneal bladder or extraperitoneal bladder. Both conditions could be traumatic and need immediate intervention by a urologist in Bangalore to feel better.

Urethral Trauma – This occurs in the male urethra when there is an injury. They are of two types – posterior urethral injury and anterior urethral injury. The trauma involved in posterior injuries is concerning pelvic fractures, which may end up in partial or complete disruption of the urethra. While the trauma involved in anterior urethral injuries may be straddle injuries or penetrating which results in the urethra being crushed, lacerated, or disrupted.

Genital trauma – Some injuries happen in the genital area which is heterogeneous in nature, involving a group of injuries, such as blunt injuries, penetrating, amputation, bite, burn. Some others are avulsion injuries to the penis, scrotum, or testicles in males and vulva in females. The neurotrauma that commonly occurs is penile fractures, testicular ruptures, and penetrating penile injuries, in which case one has to meet a urologist in Bangalore for immediate treatment.

Note – Urotrauma requires an early diagnosis and management of genitourinary injuries that include renal, ureteral, bladder urethral, and genital trauma. For consultation meet a urologist in Bangalore for a good treatment.