Men need to know all about their body so that they can make it function to the optimum level and also keep it healthy for a long time. In particular the prostate, a walnut-shaped gland present only in men, and belongs to the reproductive system.

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Position: The prostate is positioned under the bladder, in front of the rectum, and surrounds the tube that carries the urine and semen out of the body (the tube is known as urethra).

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Function: The main function of the prostate is to help make fluid for semen that in turn protects and energizes the sperm.

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Size with Age: The normal size of the prostate is walnut-shaped, but as you age the prostate becomes larger for most men. At age 40, the size would be that of a golf ball, while age 60 would be the size of a lemon.

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Problems: Prostate health-related problems are usually non-cancerous. The enlarged prostate is commonly known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), while an infection or inflammation of the prostate could be termed as prostatitis. Men having any urinary problems should talk about prostate health also when they meet a healthcare provider, as symptoms could be the same.

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