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The kidneys present in the human body play a crucial role in order to keep fit and healthy, in spite of the fact that they are small organs, kidneys cleanse the blood by filtering it and hence play an important role in the circulatory system.

The main function of the kidney is to cycle the blood and remove waste from the body, this process is done several times a day. It has the capacity to retain all the important elements required by the body, maintain the balance of acids and salts, produce necessary enzymes and hormones that maintain blood sugar levels, also keep the fluid levels balanced which in turn influences bone health.

Therefore, maintaining kidney health is very important through healthy food, exercise and meditation. 

Let us take you through a quick review of some of the benefits of yoga on the health of your kidney.


Yoga has been the companion for overall good health since times immemorial, and yoga is definitely an effective method in supporting healthy kidneys by providing relief from stress, increased blood circulation which in turn helps to enjoy good heart health. Some important benefits of yoga being strength, flexibility and overall mental clarity.

Simple yoga practices can begin with chair yoga, an appropriate one for all fitness levels. Do make sure to talk to your urologist and physician before you start practicing yoga on a regular basis. Now let us understand the basics of chair yoga.

Chair Yoga

On a first note, do have patience and take time for yourself by taking it slowly when you do chair yoga. The chair yoga helps you to adjust to your difficulty level and meet your personal needs. The key to chair yoga is the right way to breathe. The many benefits of right breathing are – it helps to relax the mind, thus feeding the body with oxygen and assists with muscles being strengthened. Here are some chair exercises to start with.

  • Knee Pull –  Concentrate on your breathing while you do the exercises. Then use your hands to pull your knee towards your chest while you sit on the chair. Next, lower your head to the knee and try to relax your body. This yoga position helps in digestion and also relaxes the lower part of the body.
  • Spinal Twist –  Keeping your head facing forward, use the opposite hand on your knee and try to twist your whole body including your head, hold till a count of 5 as you breathe normally. Repeat on the other side now. This yoga position provides good circulation as well as spine flexibility.


Text Credits — National Kidney Foundation